A list of frequently asked questions.

  • What happens if I use the bot incorrectly and lose my funds? First and foremost, Blockswap is not liable for user error. It is down to the user to follow instructions correctly. For eg. If a deposit address is copied down wrong, the wrong funds are sent to an address, the wrong amount is sent to an address, or other user errors. Please ensure that instructions are followed exactly, as the team have no power to recover lost funds.

  • How long will my swap take? During a swap, the transactions into and out of Chainflip are on-chain, so the time depends on the speed of the blockchains involved.

    Typically, the new asset should reach the user's wallet within 5 minutes. This is significantly faster than existing bridges and faster than the average centralised exchange. We also aim to speed this up dramatically in future upgrades.

    If you want to understand how swaps work in detail, check out the Chainflip Native Swap Flow documentation.

  • What blockchains do you support? On launch, we aim to support Ethereum, Bitcoin and Polkadot assets via the Chainflip protocol and integrate with aggregators to maximise asset coverage via native support for cross-chain messaging. From here, we will prioritise the most relevant assets based on user and protocol value.

  • Who are Thunderhead? We are a team of accomplished and devoted builders who have a previously secured over $90M TVL in our liquid staking products. You can find out more about the team here.

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